Consulting & Marketing Division

Our Team assists small business owners in discovering the best solutions to affordably market their product or service. We are here to work for you doing personal business consulting as well as offer educational courses in leveraging social media, networking, sales training, and so much more.


We understand that running a business is tough because the owner feels like they must do and/or oversee every aspect. Many times a fresh pair of eyes can do amazing things.

We provide you with a personal qualified business consultant to assist with evaluating your business model and marketing strategy to help you decide the best way to effectively reach the most potential clients.

Then, if you wish, your consultant will become your advertising executive and make it all happen.

We also have our own Visual Arts Studio where we create Video Commercials, Product Photography, and Professional Headshots.

Contact Us today to begin your Avenue to Success.

Our Educational Workshops are designed to produce results immediately. For more detailed information, please click on the desire course.


We Currently offer Private sessions for all types of your computer needs.




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